One Enchanting Forest Captured in Different Seasons Highlights the Beauty of Change

Photo of Same Forest in Summer and Autumn by Albert Dros

Landscape photographer Albert Dros has always found inspiration in the forest. Over the years, he's come to realize that the wooded areas close to his home make a fantastic muse. These woods are ever-changing and evolving, and they draw him back time and again. In fact, he visits so often that he began to take photos of the same scene at different times of the year.

Through different lighting and slightly different angles, Dros uses his creativity to demonstrate how the mood of the forest changes depending on the season. While firey red leaves create a pop of color in autumn, the whitewashed snowy forest is equally as captivating.

Dros keeps track of his favorite spots and frequently returns to see how they've transformed. He even notes that during the same season, the same place can look dramatically different thanks to small changes—such as the color of the leaves.

His work is proof that one doesn't need to venture off to faraway locations in order to shoot memorable photographs. Sometimes all it takes is walking or driving just a few minutes from your own home. The important thing is to keep your eyes and mind open to any inspiration that comes your way.

Landscape photographer Albert Dros returns to a nearby forest during different seasons to capture its evolution.

Path Through the Forest Strewn with Leaves

Path Through a Green Forest

Wintery Forest


Trees in the Forest with Deep Roots

Trees in the Forest with Deep Roots

Trees in the Forest with Deep Roots


Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Tree with Orange Leaves in the Autumn

Winter Trees Covered with Snow

His series shows how even subtle changes can create a dramatically different feel to the photograph.

Yellow Leaves on Tree in the Forest

Orange Leaves on a Tree in the Forest


Forest in the Fall

Winter Trees Covered in Snow

When thinking of areas to photograph, Dros likes to focus on scenes with a focal point.

Sunlight Pouring Through the Forest

Snow Covered Trees in the Woods


Winding Path in the Woods

Winter Path in the Woods

Leafy Trees in the Woods

Albert Dros: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Albert Dros.

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