Ancient Roman Mosaic Is Discovered in Pristine Condition Under a Vineyard in Italy

Thanks to Italy's rich history, if you dig a little bit you're sure to find something special—even in unexpected places. This was made clear in Verona, where the city has been excavating a privately owned vineyard since the fall. And now, their hard work has paid off as archaeologists have uncovered a pristine mosaic floor dating back to the 1st century CE.

It's an incredible find in an area that's long been recognized to house treasures from ancient Rome. In fact, according to local sources, the land was known to sit on top of Roman artifacts since at 19th century. Some mosaics, which are on display in a city museum, were already excavated from the site in the 1960s.

The work, which started in October, has been slow going. Though archaeologists were able to delineate the lines of the ancient Domus—a house occupied by the upper class—they hadn't discovered any noteworthy treasures. That all changed recently when the excavations unearthed incredible mosaic floors from the home.

The small sections that have been revealed look pristine, and now the archeologists have the arduous task of excavating the entire floor. At the same time, city officials are working with the landowners to make the site available to the public, though this could be a long process due to the funding that would be needed.

Roman mosaics are commonly discovered in Italy. Given Verona's history, it actually comes as no surprise that another artifact has popped up. Verona, which is located in northern Italy's Veneto region, was an important settlement during ancient Rome, as it was strategically located at the junction of four major roads. Many of Verona's ancient monuments have been preserved throughout history, including its impressive Roman amphitheater. Known as the Verona Arena, it's still used today for concerts and opera performances.

Here's hoping that, once the mosaics are completely uncovered, they can be added to the list of ancient Roman treasures that the public can view while in Verona.

Archeologists in Verona have unearthed an ancient Roman mosaic floor under a vineyard.

h/t: [Bored Panda, Corriere del Veneto]

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