This Amazing Anime Flipbook Is So Long It Should Be Its Own Show

Andymation Anime Flipbook

Flipbooks are one of the coolest and simplest ways that anyone can get into animation. While one can be as simple as some stick figure drawings on a few short pages, they can also become pretty complex and detailed. Stop-motion animator and YouTuber Andymation, who has been making flipbooks since he was a kid, tells entertaining stories through his animations. He even pushes the boundaries of the art form by creating interesting challenges for himself. One of those said challenges resulted in him producing one of the biggest flipbooks he has ever made titled The Return of Grumpy Cloud.

The massive flipbook is so thick it can barely fit into one hand, but that isn’t the most impressive part—the art inside is even more incredible. The anime drawings recall a style and fight scene similar to something you might find in the popular anime series from the early 90s, Dragon Ball Z. The unnamed heroine musters up all her power to banish the gloomy cloud from the face of the earth and, in the end, she stands triumphant as the fog clears. This epic scene could definitely be the pilot for its own huge flipbook miniseries. Scroll down to watch the whole page-turning sequence.

Ever wanted to learn how to make a flipbook for yourself? While you might not be able to create one quite that big on your first try, Andymation also sells flipbook kits on his shop that have everything you need to get started. Visit his YouTube for more amazing videos and tutorials on how to make a flipbook. And to see more of his incredible work, follow the artist on Instagram or Facebook.

Stop-motion animator and YouTuber Andymation creates incredible flipbooks with entertaining storylines.

Andymation Flipbook Kit

Andymation Anime Flipbook

Andymation Flipbook Kit

The Return of Grumpy Cloud is one of his longest flipbooks ever made, and it's so cool it should be its own show!

A big flipbook by Andymation from r/nextfuckinglevel

Wondering how to make a flipbook like this? Take a look for yourself!

Andymation: WebsiteInstagram | Facebook | YouTube
h/t: [Reddit]

All images via Andymation.

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