Anne Hathaway Shares Her Refreshing Perspective on Aging and Beauty

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Although everyone ages, there is still a sense of shame or fear about getting older for many people. This rings particularly true for those in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, more celebrities like Vera Wang and Jamie Lee Curtis are helping to change the image of maturing and highlight the positives that come with getting up in years. American actress Anne Hathaway recently provided her perspective on the subject as a 40-year-old.

“To me, aging is another word for living. So, if people want to pay a compliment, it's nice. But also whatever the hype is, I'm interested in what's beyond the concept of hype. I'm right at that point where I have a much better sense of how I like to do things,” she says. “I'm so much better at sharing. I feel like I'm kinder to myself and kinder to others.” The Princess Diaries star is married and a proud mom of two sons, adding that she takes care of herself better than she did in her twenties and feels great as a result.

As she's gotten older, Hathaway has had to listen to her body and make changes over the years—including becoming vegetarian and vegan for periods of time. “In my 30s, I had to give up alcohol. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't lead the life that I wanted while drinking,” she adds. “And in my 40s I'm finding I have to support myself differently nutritionally. I want to go back and talk to my 25-year-old self who felt like she didn't have to do anything and just be like, ‘Oh honey, honey, there's a whole other world out there and it tastes like an avocado.’”

In addition to paying attention to what she puts in her body, Hathaway uses clothing as a way to continue feeling young and inspired by fashion and style. “I was given so many things at such a young age, and I didn't always know how to appreciate them. I felt badly about myself in certain things, and I didn't know how to enjoy what I was wearing. Now I'm wearing things that I enjoy, and I'm wearing them gratefully—and that seems to be working.” She showed off one of her more creative ensembles at the 2023 Met Gala, for instance.

Hathaway also discussed the impact having children has had on her physically and mentally. “People don't talk about this and it really made me feel better when I found out about it. It takes three years for your body to recover from a pregnancy fully. I didn't snap back. I want to be very, very clear about that,” she explains. “With my second, it took every minute of those three years. Let your body be a body. There's nowhere to get to. It's just now. Be present and take care of yourself and don't set expectations.”

Hopefully, by sharing her optimism about the beauty of getting older, more celebrities will join in and help end the stigma around aging for everyone.

Recently, 40-year-old actress Anne Hathaway was asked about her views on aging in an interview.

Photo of Anne Hathaway

Photo: imagepressagency/Depositphotos

“Aging is another word for living,” she said, adding that over time she has learned to be kinder to herself and take care of her body better.

Photo of Anne Hathaway

Photo: imagepressagency/Depositphotos

Hathaway gave up alcohol in her 30s and focuses on nourishing nutrition to make herself feel her best.

Photo of Anne Hathaway

Photo: imagepressagency/Depositphotos

Watch Hathaway's video interview on aging:

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