Graphic Design

March 18, 2022

Designer Hides the Name of Major Cities in Minimalist Illustrations of Landmarks

Yemen-based graphic designer Mohamed Al-Jaadaby builds iconic monuments using only letters. His ongoing series of minimalist illustrations feature the names of some of the world's most iconic cities inside of major landmarks. To achieve these puzzling designs, Al-Jaadaby manipulates each individual character to fit the architecture associated with the metropolis.

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October 10, 2021

Graphic Designer Transforms 36 Famous Logos Into Holographic Chrome Icons

When scrolling through the apps on your phone, how many do you recognize purely by their logo? Companies like Apple, Netflix, and Twitter all have their own brand image that’s captured in a single icon; however, German graphic designer Martin Naumann recently decided to visually reimagine what iconic logos would look like in his own, vibrant style. His 36 logos series sees famous emblems transformed into striking, chromatic symbols.

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February 23, 2021

How Helvetica Became the “Little Black Dress” of Typography

Typography is primarily thought of by designers, but there are some typefaces so popular that they enter the larger cultural zeitgeist. Helvetica is one of those typefaces. Developed in 1957, it has become ubiquitous and can be found everywhere from labels on grocery store shelves to transportation to the logo of American Apparel. Helvetica was not the first name for this now-iconic typeface.

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