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May 22, 2018

My Modern Met Reader Survey: Enter to Win $200 Gift Card for My Modern Met Store

Here at My Modern Met, we do our best to provide enriching content to our creative community of readers. In an effort to better understand our audience and improve your experience as a reader, we’ve put together a 10-15 minute survey. This will help us better serve you moving forward. As an added bonus, everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a chance to win a $200 gift card for My Modern Met Store.

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December 27, 2014

The First True-Color Shot of Earth from Space

This remarkably detailed image is the first true-color shot taken by the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Himawari-8satellite. While the image is not exactly how it would appear to the naked eye of a direct human observer, the photo was taken using all 16 of the satellite’s imaging bands to reproduce the “natural” look of the Earth from space, draping the planet in a richly dark palette.

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September 14, 2010

Contemporary Jewelry That’s Intricate and Interesting

Swedish jewelry artist Hanna Hedman has created a very intricate and interesting set of contemporary jewelry pieces that are currently on display at the Soda gallery in Istanbul. Completely Handmade and comprised of layers of silver and copper sheets, the exquisite collection asks you to find it all; fantasy, reality, and function.

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