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June 23, 2021

Painter Elyse Dodge on Her Colorful Low Poly Landscapes [Podcast]

This week on My Modern Met's Top Artist Podcast, we talk with painter Elyse Dodge about how she developed her unique style and much more! Dodge describes her work as the “intersection between art and design.” You can find the result of this beautiful hybrid in her colorful landscapes with abstracted low poly mountains. We love that Dodge’s art style includes both digital and traditional techniques.

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May 26, 2021

Artist Alexa Meade on Her Successful Career and the NFT Art Revolution [Podcast]

This week on My Modern Met's Top Artist Podcast, we talk with artist Alexa Meade. Known for her innovative work where she paints the human body and three-dimensional spaces to create an illusion of a two-dimensional painting, Meade has been a working artist for over a decade. Her work has led her to collaborations with major brands and musicians like Ariana Grande, whom she painted for the God is a Woman music video.

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April 28, 2021

Photographer Fares Micue on Her Artistic Self-Portraits Exploring Mental Health and Self Growth [Podcast]

This week on My Modern Met's Top Artist Podcast we talk with photographer Fares Micue about her striking self-portraits that tell interesting stories about self-growth and mental health. Using imagery of flowers, origami, and other delicate props, Micue transforms self-portraits into beautiful narratives about life. Her work is accompanied by thoughtful prose that brings new meaning to each piece.

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