Complex Geometric Lamp Designs Produced with 3D Printing

Artist Bathsheba Grossman has a great eye for beautifully symmetrical geometry. For more than twenty years, she has produced all kinds of complex, mathematical designs that she transforms into tangible objects through the technologically advanced process of 3D printing. In collaboration with .MGX–pioneers in 3D-printed designer lighting and furniture–many of Grossman's designs are available as unique lamps and lighting systems. Flame, Quin, and Torus are just three examples of the stunning curves and textured twists that Grossman has imagined and then transformed into reality. The modern concepts, which illuminate any room with soft and interesting lighting patterns, are available as table lamps, floor lamps, and even pendants.

To make a sculpture, the artist first creates a concept as rough drawings and sometimes as molded modeling clay. Upon finalizing an idea, Grossman then builds the design digitally using CAD software. The final result is produced as a tangible object using a 3D printing machine, which layers metal into the proper shape and then fuses the metal together using heat. Once the metal is set, Grossman continues working with the piece, retexturing and smoothing it until these final sculptures are complete.

Bathsheba Grossman's website
via [Stacey Thinx]

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