Beautiful Strangers on the Street (15 photos)

If there's one thing that I've been completely mesmerized with these days, it's candid street photography. Whether they're turning everyday moments into movie scenes are just capturing the raw beauty of people on the street, these photographers don't just have an eye for the craft, they have the guts to shoot complete strangers on the street! One photographer who's work recently caught my eye was Danny Santos. Santos is a weekend photographer who's been shooting street scenes for two years. After looking at his photos you may find yourself looking around your city for those unexpected moments..when a stranger smiles in the pouring rain, when a subject unknowingly walks into a stream of light or when a lovely face stands out in the middle of a crowd. “For me, nothing beats getting that really good shot within an uncontrolled, unpredictable environment that the street is. It's like a drug… the more good shots you get, the more you want to shoot. And knowing that the streets offer so much for photography just makes it so appealing.” – Danny Santos

After a little over a year of shooting strangers, Santos put up a photography blog that contains some of his favorite shots, as well as articles about shooting on the street. Hop on over to that site to find out more about this talented photographer. Danny Santos website

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