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Crystallized Alcoholic Drinks Form Psychedelic Images

Vodka Tonic

Similar to Sarah Shoenfeld's fascinating images of drugs exposed on film, this series of magnified photographs turns the crystallized compounds of 25 different alcoholic beverages into abstract modern art. Each beer, wine, cocktail, or liquor is placed on a lab slide and allowed to crystallize before it's photographed using a polarized light microscope with a camera attached. Magnificent colors and patterns emerge naturally and form psychedelic compositions.

This creative blend of art and science known as BevShots was originally conceived by research scientist Michael Davidson as a commercial endeavor to help fund his Florida State University Lab. Now continued by Lester Hutt, BevShots creates and sells large abstract prints of hundreds of different drinks.


American Pale Ale

Bloody Mary


Dirty Martini




White Wine

Mint Julep



Pina Colada

Mexican Lager


Jamaican Lager

English Oatmeal Stout

Irish Stout

American Draft Beer

Red Wine

Rum and Cola

White Russian

Cosmo Martini

BevShots website
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