A Powerful Display of Rare White Tigers at Feeding Time

I would NOT want to be in the way of these Bengal white tigers when they are hungry! Australia-based photographer Birte Person wasn't quite as afraid. With the safety of distance, she was brave enough to capture these stunning shots of the rare animals during feeding time at the Singapore Zoo.

The almost extinct white tiger is caused by a rare genetic recessive gene within the Bengal tiger species. The gene produces features including white fur, black stripes, and a pink nose. The few white tigers that still survive are in protective captivity although there have been reports of a handful spotted in the wild.

When speaking about her series, Person says, “They sit in anticipation on the rocks waiting for the first morsel to be thrown. Then it is a huge lunge into the water by all of them. It carries on at a frantic pace until they all get some food.” Through her photographs, Person captures an amazing spectacle of strength and natural survival instincts. As the water splashes up around each ferocious animal, viewers are confronted with a stunning display of beauty and frightening, beastly power.

Birte Person's website
via [Stacey Thinx]

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