82-Year-Old Walmart Cashier Retires After TikToker Raises $100K for Him


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If the long shifts standing up and dealing with costumers take a toll on younger, able-bodied cashiers, imagine how difficult it can be on elderly workers. Rory McCarty was buying batteries at a Walmart in Maryland when he came across Warren “Butch” Marion, an 82-year-old widower and U.S. Navy veteran, who was his cashier that day. Concerned, he asked the cashier about his life, and told him about GoFundMe campaigns that had raised thousands to help older folks to retire. “Imagine someone raised that kind of money for you,” McCarty told him, making the cashier smile. Days later, he had managed to do just that, and Marion has finally retired after over $100,000 was raised for him.

McCarty, who owns an extermination business, had mostly used TikTok to showcase his services until he met Marion. “As a business owner and knowing how hard it's been to try to find good help for my business. I was astounded seeing this little older man still grinding,” writes McCarty. “I wanted to help this Navy veteran to live the remainder of his years traveling to see his kids in Florida. Get him off his feet for 8 hrs at a time. And do the things he would love to do that he may not be able to for financial reasons.”

The TikToker’s video of his first interaction with the octogenarian has amassed 3.3 million views on the platform and inspired people to donate to the GoFundMe campaign started by McCarty. Since that first video, he and Marion have become good friends. McCarty even invited the veteran to his farm, where they rode ATVs. On January 4, Marion finally retired from Walmart, as McCarty presented him with a check for $108,682, achieved through donations from around the world, surpassing the original target of $100,000. As of writing, the campaign is still going strong, and has raised over $140,000.

“You're a good man for doing this, Mr. McCarty. You serve as an inspiration to us all to find opportunities to help others,” one viewer wrote on McCarty's Instagram post of the day he handed Marion the check. While the story of people coming together to help the man has warmed the hearts of many, others have expressed their concerns at how it came down to this chance encounter for an 82-year-old man to be able to retire. After the story earned over 12,000 upvotes, when it was shared on Reddit, one user wrote: “It's nice he was helped. People's lives should not, however, have to be crowdfunded.”

Warren “Butch” Marion, an 82-year-old widower and U.S. Navy veteran, finally retired from his job as a Walmart cashier thanks to a GoFundMe campaign started by TikTok user Rory McCarty.

@bug_boys 82yr old Butch still putting in work. Has anybody seen the videos where a guy raised 180g's to help an 82 yr old walmart employee retire. We ought to do that for Butch. Who would donate? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #walmart #gofundme ♬ original sound – BugBoys

On his last day, McCarty presented him with a check for $108,682 thanks to donations from around the world. As of writing, the campaign is still going strong, and has raised over $140,000.

@bug_boys Retirement day for Butch. He is officially done at Walmart and over $108,000 richer and still growing. Thanks to you 5100 gracious giving fine folks across the world and everyone who shared and commented. Thank you all!!!! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #fy #fypage #fypシ #walmart ♬ original sound – BugBoys

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h/t: [Business Insider]

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