Acrylic Painting

October 31, 2023

Artist Creates Contemporary Landscape Paintings Using Jewel-Toned Polygons

California-based artist Elyse Dodge is known for her signature geometric landscapes. Filled with brilliant color, her paintings transform mountains and other geological features into sleek, contemporary polygon shapes. While her work is executed using acrylic paint, they are often so precise that they appear digitized. As her career continues to blossom, Dodge has extended her work to include murals and installations that play with her love of color and light.

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July 19, 2023

5 Abstract Painting Tips From a Professional Artist

Creating abstract artwork can be a freeing and liberating process. But, for many, it can be difficult to let go of the desire to paint a specifically recognizable “thing” or “object.” If you are looking for more clarity on how to paint abstractly, Megan Elizabeth is happy to help. The Maryland-based artist is known for her stunning abstract acrylic paintings that focus on capturing movement and light.

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April 26, 2023

Captivating Abstract Paintings Capture Nature’s Beautiful Fleeting Moments

Artist Megan Elizabeth is captivated by nature’s fleeting moments. Dappled light is a creative focus for her, and her paintings capture glittering illumination, reflections, and shadows created by petals and leaves. The resulting works are abstract in color and arrangement, but there is a familiarity to them. If you’ve ever walked through a forest or next to a pond, you’ve likely witnessed dappled light in action. Color is paramount in Megan’s paintings.

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January 23, 2023

Artist “Unwraps” Animated Characters to Reveal Their Realistic Forms

Oftentimes, animated films give off the impression of perfect, idealized worlds. Stefan Thelen, aka Super A, uses his art to pull the veil off of these fantasies and give a glimpse of reality. He “unwraps” iconic cartoon characters and reveals what is hidden beneath. The ongoing series, titled Trapped, features acrylic renderings of Disney and Studio Ghibli worlds, with a peek at what these subjects would look like in real life.

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