October 16, 2021

Ancient Egyptians Were Cat People: Exploring Felines and Gods in Art and Culture

The ancient Egyptians' special love for cats is well known. In fact, cat lovers today have them to thank for introducing African wildcat DNA into domestication; this would eventually become the beloved tabby. But why did were Egyptians so enamored by these early felines? Read on to discover the fascinating place of domestic cats in ancient Egyptian art, religion, and culture.

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October 11, 2021

70 Artists Are Celebrating Fierce Felines With a ‘Cat Art Show’ in Los Angeles

For centuries, housecats have been both companions and muses for artists around the world. The fourth annual Cat Art Show in Downtown Los Angeles honors this purr-fect relationship with a group exhibition of over 8o works of art inspired by the feline form. The 10-day event includes sculptures, paintings, collages, prints, and other eclectic pieces based on cats and the human-cat relationship.

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October 6, 2021

Japanese Rescue Cat Wins Over the Internet With His Chic Supermodel Pose

When German poet Charles Bukowski famously talked about style, he said, “Cats have it with abundance.” Proving him right, there’s one cat in Japan called Puusuke-kun who’s caught the attention of many online for his chic demeanor. In a photo posted by a pet rescue association called Lucky Star, 5-year-old Puusuke-kun is captured posing like a supermodel.

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