March 7, 2024

Whimsical Space Cats Explore the Mysteries of the Universe

Cat lovers will rejoice over Alice Yoo‘s new cute AI-generated images. Her Space Cats series shows a group of felines suited up as astronauts. Whether they're going on a spacewalk or at the command center, these “astrocats” are in control. Yoo's AI art is inspired by the things she loves, and cats are certainly on that list. Interestingly enough, a cat in outer space isn't actually that far-fetched.

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November 23, 2023

Stylish Cat Furniture Can Be Reconfigured Different Ways for Endless Fun

Cats can be curious and restless. That's why indoor playgrounds like cat trees are so important for keeping kitties entertained. However, no two cats are the same. Aware that each feline has different needs, Petlibro created the Infinity Cat Tree, which allows cat parents to build a custom paradise for their pet. With this design, Petlibro aims to address some of the most common concerns regarding cat trees.

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October 13, 2023

‘2024 Pissed-Off Cats Calendar’ Unveils Its Cast of Adorably Angry Felines

Cats can be cute, funny, and curious. They can also be mean, surly, and entirely unimpressed. But it’s all of these personality traits that make them internet royalty, beloved by many all around the world. As a tribute to the ruthlessness of felines, The Raccoon Society has created the 2024 Pissed-Off Cats Calendar. Now, you can fill your year with indifferent stares and snarky statements from our favorite fluffy friends.

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