May 21, 2023

Watch an Athletic Kitty Jump Through Obstacles With Increasing Difficulty

If you've ever been around a cat, you know they can be quite athletic. Felines are often incredible jumpers who have a knack for getting through very narrow species. These qualities, in fact, have inspired many to say that “cats are liquid.” As if to further prove this, a TikTok account produces videos featuring narrow holes of many shapes and sizes and challenges one clever feline to go through them.

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February 13, 2023

“Cat Man of Aleppo” Is Safe and Rescuing Pets After the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Since 2016, Mohammad Aljaleel has been known as the “cat man of Aleppo” for founding and running a cat shelter amidst the fallout of the Syrian civil war. The sanctuary—named Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Cats in Syria, in honor of Aljaleel's first cat—takes care of hundreds of felines. Sadly, the area where the shelter is located was recently hit by the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake.

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January 2, 2023

Cat Café in Shanghai is the Pawfect Hangout for Adventurous Felines

Cats are elegant yet fun, poised yet daring. So, why not provide them with a playground that brings together these characteristics? Tristy of the CATS is a cat café located in Shanghai that reminds us that style and playfulness can beautifully coexist. The creators of this brilliant design are the studio Parallect Design, and it has transformed an oddly-structured and run-down building into a unique kitty wonderland.

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