January 30, 2023

Animal Shelter Uses Hilarious Honesty to Find Ralphie the “Fire-Breathing Demon” Dog a Loving Home

All dogs deserve a loving home; however, some sadly struggle to find one. The most common reason is that people usually overlook older dogs in favor of puppies, or that lighter-colored canines are preferred instead of black dogs. While there are campaigns to fight this and make people see a loyal pup beyond their appearances, there's one particular canine who is having issues getting adopted. Meet Ralphie.

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January 12, 2023

20+ Winning Dog Photos From the 2022 Dog Photography Awards

For the second year, the Dog Photography Awards shines a spotlight on the best pet photography around the globe. This annual contest shows the artistry behind capturing the spirit of our furry friends in all their forms. From high-action shots to dogs at work to pensive portraits, the winning photographs are a tribute to these special animals.

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January 2, 2023

Photographer Captures a Heartwarming Moment Between His Grandmother and Her Dog

Whether it's dogs, cats, or other animals, people can form deep connections with their pets. Japanese photographer YASUTO highlights this special bond in his latest series of photos. The images feature his elderly grandmother and her beloved Shiba Inu pup enjoying each other's company against spectacular natural backdrops. Not only are the compositions gorgeous to look at, they clearly show that the human and her dog have a loving relationship.

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December 10, 2022

Adorable Photos Capture a Happy Pup in Mid-Sprint Towards Its Human

When you have a dog, coming home is usually accompanied by joyful cries and lots of jumping. A Japanese photographer who goes by the username inubot captured the beauty of a human and pup reunion in a series of four photos. Set against a verdant backdrop, it features a golden Shiba Inu sprinting up the hill to reunite with its owner.

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