July 13, 2023

Boy Helps Dogs Get Adopted by Giving Them Baths During His Free Time

Every dog deserves a loving home, and thanks to a 13-year-old boy named Thiago, many are now closer to finding one. The young teen is a self-described animal lover hoping to help the stray and abandoned dogs in his home city of Antônio Prado. So, he came up with an idea. Maybe if he could make the pups on the street look more appealing, they'd have more chances to be adopted.

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June 16, 2023

Border Collie Missing After Car Crash Is Found on a Farm Herding Sheep

While some pups are lapdogs, others love to perform their job. Sheepdogs, for instance, have such strong herding instincts that it's not uncommon to hear about dogs trying to group children together. Tilly is a border collie and heeler mix not raised on a farm. But after a car accident separated him from his family, he was found starting a new life among sheep. The car crash happened on the state highway near Rathdrum, Idaho.

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