Acrylic Painting

February 16, 2022

Stunning Painting of Penguins Shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year Award

People from around the world love penguins. These iconic animals have inspired many artists and creative projects, including the photo of the two widowed penguins and a series about life in antarctica. British artist Sophie Green—who is known for her hyperrealistic depictions of wildlife—captured a group of emperor penguins walking in a snowstorm in her acrylic painting, The March. This large, horizontal work perfectly captures the arduous life of penguins living in Antarctica.

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November 28, 2021

Vibrant Paintings Look Like Kaleidoscopic Flowers Pressed on Canvases

Former fashion designer and fine artist Yuta Okuda creates mesmerizing abstract paintings that highlight the beauty of the “little things” we take for granted. He uses a flower motif—symbolic of fond childhood memories—to construct colorful bouquets that pop off the canvas. These floral arrangements are made up of thick dollops of acrylic paint and numerous intricate lines. In each piece, black stems stretch from the bottom of the painting to support the vibrant blooms.

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