Acrylic Painting

May 3, 2023

Artist Reimagines the Infamous Met Gala Cockroach Dressed as a Fabulous Attendee

Of all the invited guests to the 2023 Met Gala, there was one infamous party crasher. And no, it wasn’t a snubbed A-lister. It was a confused cockroach that was trying to escape the crowds but found itself at one of New York City’s biggest events. The insect tried its best to flee on-lookers and the camera, but its brief brush with fame was captured by amateur and professional photographers alike.

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March 5, 2023

Artist Paints Architectural Portraits Onto Concrete Fragments of Same Demolished Estate

Sometimes the choice of materials is just as meaningful as the art itself. Artist Harriet Mena Hill has been working on an ongoing series of unorthodox paintings called The Aylesbury Fragments, rendering scenes of architecture directly onto pieces of concrete. Each of these remnants is salvaged material from the Aylesbury Estate, a large housing complex in South East London, which is being demolished as part of a regeneration program.

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December 23, 2022

Tender Illustrations Evoke the Joy of Experiencing Idyllic Nature Sights

Sometimes the greatest muses are just a hike away. England-based artist Olivia Seetim finds the subjects for her paintings in the varied beauty of her natural surroundings. From verdant forests to open meadows, these acrylic landscape paintings immortalize a certain time and place. Although Seetim has a background in numerous types of media, she gravitated towards acrylics in 2020 and began sharing her work soon after.

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September 18, 2022

Fragmented Figures Connect Many Moments in Time Across a Single Canvase

Ontario-based artist Eric Pause creates acrylic paintings that connect several moments in time. He renders abstract figures with overlapping geometric shapes, synthesizing their movements into one composition. Each of these striking pieces is inspired by a simple idea that's usually connected to a specific feeling that Pause wants to express, such as love, anxiety, or boredom.

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