Acrylic Painting

September 5, 2021

Artist Creates Lifelike Ocean Paintings Despite Her Fear of Large Bodies of Water

The ocean is a muse for many water-loving artists. The challenge, however, is in capturing its movement. California-based creative Andreea Berindei does just that by rendering the different states of the ocean in realistic acrylic paintings. From crashing waves to a slow-rising tide, she explores a unique experience in each canvas, using her masterful skills to make the water appear as lifelike as possible.

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June 6, 2021

Abstract Figure Paintings Are a Fascinating Fusion of Several Moments Frozen in Time

In most cases, observing a painting is like looking at a snapshot of a particular moment in time. But not for Eric Pause; the Ontario-based artist tries to capture as many moments as he can in his striking figurative paintings. Similar to the Italian Futurists—who wanted to synthesize time, place, and form—his work conveys movement and time through abstracted forms overlapping over one another.

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April 1, 2021

Artist Paints Discarded Items To Blend in With the Landscape Where They Were Found

Have you ever come across discarded objects on your otherwise scenic hike? Well, outdoor educator and part-time artist Mariah Reading has found a new purpose for those unwanted items. She uses her masterful painting skills to transform trash into stunning works of art that seamlessly blend into the landscape where it was found. Originally from Bangor, Maine, Reading developed a passion for the environment at a young age.

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