December 7, 2019

Vibrant Pixelated Wood Sculptures Visualize the Depths of the Human Psyche

Australian-born, French-raised artist Gil Bruvel explores the depths of the human mind in his ongoing sculpture series, Bending the Lines. He uses a simple medium—colorfully painted wooden sticks—that, when combined, turn into his pixelated, sculptural forms expressing complex human emotion. Similar to the classic pinscreen toy you might remember from your childhood, Bruvel’s pieces feature three-dimensional relief motifs that appear as though they’ve been pressed through from the back side.

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November 22, 2019

Life-Size Sculptures of Raw Human Emotions Made From Discarded Machine Parts

Although metal is often seen as a cold and hard medium, one artist has found a way to breathe life into the material, allowing it to appear loose and free. In her Blown Away series, British artist Penny Hardy constructs life-size metal sculptures made from discarded machinery that’s based on the human body, each one exploring an emotion or experience.

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November 6, 2019

This 19th-Century “Double Sculpture” Tells a Tale of Two Different People on Back and Front

Tucked away on the second floor of a museum in India is a hypnotic wood sculpture. A man stands with his chest arrogantly puffed out as he gazes into the room. In the mirror behind him, we see a demure woman with her head bowed slightly. This incredible double statue features both characters within the same block of wood, but on opposite facing sides.

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October 31, 2019

Giant Skeletons Emerge from the Streets of Mexico for Día de los Muertos

Mexico City is gearing up for its annual Day of the Dead celebrations and in one neighborhood, something strange is emerging from the city streets. In the Tláhuac municipality, two giant skeletons have burst through the asphalt, resting their weary limbs on the pavement. Measuring over 11 feet wide and 7 feet tall, the sculptures are welcome forebearers of the annual celebrations that take place on November 1 and November 2.

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