Cityscape Photography

July 25, 2021

Alluring Neon-Night Photography of Osaka Pushes the Boundaries of Reality

Nights full of neon signs obscured by sleeting rain evoke a film noir ethos. Photographer, designer, and creator Omi Kim captures the nocturnal city and transforms ordinary sights into extraordinary visions. The Osaka, Japan-based creator specializes in street photography, portraiture, and graphic composites which push the boundaries of reality. Kim, who goes by Omi on Instagram, shoots series based on what he encounters in his photography.

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June 20, 2020

Hyper-Saturated Photos of Tokyo Give a Candy-Colored Tint to the Bustling Cityscape

With Lost in Translation, photographer Ludwig Favre takes a look at Tokyo and captures the spirit of the city with his unique visual style. Brilliant pops of color shine through in these ultra-saturated images, which give an already vibrant city an extra jolt of energy. By day and by night Favre immersed himself in the urban environment, using his camera to document Tokyo's cityscape. The results are a contemporary look at life in the Japanese capital.

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