September 10, 2023

Mattel Releases Jurassic Park Playset in Celebration of the Movie’s 30th Anniversary

The movie Jurassic Park is a favorite of many who were kids in the 90s, and as such, is still viewed with nostalgia. Since the movie recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, Mattel Creations decided to mark the occasion by spotlighting some of the most iconic elements of this Steven Spielberg-directed film in a highly detailed playset. The Jurassic World The Gates set features a motorized entrance that welcomes visitors to the thrilling theme park.

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August 8, 2023

Mattel Releases “Weird Barbie” Doll Based on ‘Barbie’ Movie Character

All around the world, people are flocking to see Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie, and it's easy to understand. From its fluorescent pink set design to playful costuming, it's a visual treat from start to finish. In addition to the many “typical” Barbies and Kens who graced the screen, there was one character who certainly stood out from the rest: Weird Barbie. Now, Mattel is releasing a made-to-order doll based on the quirky movie character.

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July 27, 2023

Which Barbie Are You? Take This Fun Personality Quiz to Find Out

Greta Gerwig's hit Barbie movie has got everyone talking about the iconic doll. First released in 1959, Barbie has gone through many iterations over the past 60+ years. And with such longevity, it means that Mattel has created a Barbie for every type of person. From an astronaut to a surfer to a rock musician, there's nothing Barbie hasn't done. So, if you were a Barbie doll, which one would you be?

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