August 3, 2017

Semi-Translucent Lamps Highlight the Raw Beauty of Wood from the Australian Coast

Designer Sarah Webb and graphic artist Daniel Harder fuse form and function to produce statement-making lighting. Together, they have created Iluka London, a company that unites their “love for the beauty of natural wood” with the “versatility of acrylic.” Their passion results in modern wood lamps that highlight swirling patterns of raw timber, which is housed within a clear rectangle block—an effect that resembles a scientific specimen encased in amber. The word iluka has a special meaning to Harder.

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April 10, 2017

New Resin and Stone Table Captures the Unique Beauty of the Caribbean Sea

Designer Alexandre Chapelin of LA TABLE has wowed us with his stunning resin coffee tables time and time again. Recently, the Saint Martin-based furniture maker has debuted his latest ocean-inspired model: HAMILTON 23. Like his past creations, HAMILTON 23 employs resin, marble, and wood to evoke a sloping seabed. In homage to Chapelin's connection to the Caribbean, the table employs a beautiful color palette evocative of the local seascape.

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March 30, 2017

Stunning Lunar Table Mimics the Moon with Molten Aluminum

Designer, maker, crafter and artist Jesse Ede creates sculptural furniture inspired by raw nature. Due to his background in art and carpentry, his pieces are both aesthetically fascinating and structurally advanced. With both of these equally important design interests in mind, Ede has crafted Lunar Table, a one-of-a-kind and otherworldly creation. Simply composed of an aluminum table top penetrated by a monolithic slate stone, Lunar Table looks like something straight from outer space.

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