November 26, 2017

Korean Designers Develop Modern Furniture with Color-Changing Surfaces

South Korea-based design studio Orijeen released their latest collection—Color Flow—featuring two eye-popping, color-changing cabinets. Both pieces are covered in a lenticular surface which—depending on the position of the viewer, and how the light hits the surface—makes the curvy cabinets appear as if they can magically change color.

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October 31, 2017

Creative Cabinets Designed with “Whittled” Curls of Wood Revealing Colorful Layer Underneath

Drawn together by “a common fascination for how things move, sound and feel,” the Swedish Design firm Stoft Studio consists of three designers: Jenny Ekdahl, Ola Nystedt, and Joel Herslow. Their latest collection of colorful cabinets entitled Whittle Away is an attempt to portray their collective “design DNA.” Commissioned for the “What’s your DNA?” exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2017, the Whittle Away Cabinets are inspired by flaking tree bark and how wood curls when whittled.

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