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December 1, 2022

36 Purrfect Gifts for People Who Love Cats

In the past, the term “cat lady” was used as an insult to define old, single “spinsters” who only had cats for companions. However, today the term has been reclaimed by a new generation of proud feline fans that are showing that cat ladies (and men) are cool, chic, and anything but reclusive.

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November 28, 2022

20 Dazzling Jewelry Stores on Etsy That Specialize in Beautiful Handmade Designs

A piece of jewelry is always a thoughtful gift idea, but there’s something extra special about giving someone a trinket that’s been lovingly handmade. Etsy is home to countless independent designer stores that are bursting with beautiful, handmade gems that are sure to dazzle your special giftee. Not only will your loved one receive a wearable work of art, but you, as a consumer, can take pride in knowing you’ve supported small businesses.

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November 25, 2022

30 Creative Literary Gifts to Give to Your Favorite Bookworm

There are those that have an insatiable love for reading that defines who they are. So when it comes time to give them a gift, it makes sense to shower them with “novel” items. There are many makers who have a similar passion for literature and translate it into special gifts for book lovers. From necklaces to tea to cookie cutters, it's easy to celebrate your favorite bookworm with a special present.

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