10 Cool Gifts for the Greatest Guys in Your Life

Cool Gifts For Guys

It's true. Guys—no matter their age or relation to you—are still the hardest ones to shop for. If he's not the type to window-shop or make a list, you might be at wit's end searching for a gift that he'll like. Never fret. My Modern Met Store boasts a broad selection of cool and unique gifts that guys are sure to love.

Is he serious and minimalistic? If so, try opting for a practical gift, like books, home decor, or clothing. Whether he'll admit to it or not, he's probably in need of at least one! And just because we say practical, it doesn't mean it has to be boring. Gifting your guy a themed sock box set like the Keith Haring set is a great choice as it provides three colorful options to add some razzle-dazzle to his outfits.

Does your guy pass his time in creative pursuits? A good jigsaw puzzle or desk game can be hard to come by these days, especially for the guy who seems to have everything. That's where Four Point Puzzles come in to save the day. Their circular Moon puzzle is based on the clearest image of the Moon to date, even showing the tiniest craters in stunning clarity. Bonus: when it's completed, he'll have a personal Moon to hang in his room.

Scroll down to see more from our cool gifts for guys collection, and be sure to check out the rest in My Modern Met Store. Lastly, if you're sending the present directly to your recipient, don't forget to include a complimentary gift note!

If you need the perfect gift for the fantastic fellas in your life, check out our collection of cool gifts for guys at My Modern Met Store!


Four Point Moon Puzzle


Yoga Joes: Series 1 Figurines

Yoga Joes Series 1

Brogamat | $25


Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models



Artori Design Supershelf

Artori Design | $27.50


Keith Haring Sock Box Set

Keith Haring Sock Set

Happy Socks | $48.00


Helicone Kinetic Toy

Helicone Kinetic Toy

John Edmark | $65.00


Einstein Action Figure


Big Wooden Cat Pile Game

Cat Pile Game

Comma | $36.00


Bob Ross Mug


Magician Bookmark

Magician Bookmark

MyBookmark | $27.00


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