44 Fun Gifts for Tea Lovers With a Unique Taste for Creativity

Gifts for Tea Lovers

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Fancy a pot of tea? Whether you prefer rich black teas or soothing herbal blends, drinking tea is a daily ritual for many people around the world. But this isn’t anything new; tea is one of the most popular beverages throughout human history. Its origins date back to 2737 BCE in China.

Legend has it that the Emperor Shen Nong accidentally discovered the drink when a wild tea tree leaf drifted into his pot while he was boiling water in the garden. He was pleasantly surprised by the infused water’s taste, and began researching the plant further. He discovered tea's medicinal properties, and the ritual of drinking tea soon became an important part of Eastern culture. Traders and explorers brought tea to the West, where the wealthy would partake in tea ceremonies for special occasions. However, today, drinking tea is for everyone, and most households have some sort of variety in their kitchen cupboards.

If you know someone who can’t go a day without a cup of tea, we’ve put together a blend of fun and functional tea-themed gifts that are sure to warm their hearts. Featuring unique items ranging from adorable tea strainers and teapots to quirky coasters and spoons, this selection is perfect for those who want to make, drink, and enjoy their drink in style. In addition to tea-making tools, this list also features fashionable finds—like a cute cup and saucer ring, delightful brooch, and clever tea bag—that allow dedicated drinkers to share their infused interest with the world.

Steeped in originality, these gifts are bound to be your special someone's cup of tea.

These tea gifts make perfect presents for tea drinkers!


Baby Nessie Infuser

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

OTOTO | $14


Cloud-Shaped Tea Bags

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Tea Heritage | $9.32


Bath Tea


Earl Grey Candle

Earl Grey Tea Candle

danrussco | $25.63


Floral Tea Spoons

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Parlene | $18.95


Snail-Shaped Tea Bag Holders

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

vanki | $6.59


Tea Drops


‘DisappEARing' Van Gogh Mug


Tea from Around the World Set


Celebration Tea


Tea-For-One Set


Self Warming Ceramic Mug and Charger


Reusable Organic Tea Bags


Flowering Tea Balls


Tea Bath Brew Pockets


Lemongrass Tea Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash


Cold Brew Tea Bottle


Cast Iron Japanese Tea Pot


Tea Leaf Reading Kit


Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set


Carole Akins Furry Friends Mug


Hand-Stamped “Tea Time” Spoon


Bubble Tea Kit


Heart-Shaped Tea Bags


Tea Bag With Gift Envelope


Cup and Saucer Ring


Personalized Tea Box


Glass Mug and Tea Bag Buddy

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Primula | $16.23


Perfect Pair Brooch


Floral Bear Honeypot


Cat Mug with Fish Shaped Loose Leaf Infusion

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Trendsettings | $14.99


Teacup Initial Necklace


Tea Bag Cookie Cutter


Mana-tea Cup

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Creature Cups | $14.99


Tea for Two Set


Umbrella Tea Bag Infuser

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Senbowe | $10.99


NovelTea Tin


Cactus Coasters

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

CliveRoddy | $38.81


History of Tea Tea Towel


Loose Leaf Tea Monthly Subscription

Loose Leaf Tea Monthly Subscription Box

Simplicity Tea | from $9/month


Flower Tea Infuser

Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers Gifts for Tea Drinkers

House Again | $9.99


Blooming Tea Set

Blooming Tea Gift Set

Numi | $26.37


Tea Infuser Bottle

Tea Infuser Bottle

Teabloom | $21.20


Vintage Teacup Monthly Subscription Box

Vintage Teacup Club | $21.50/month


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