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20+ Purrfect Gifts For People Who Love Cats

Gifts for Cat Lovers

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In the past, the term “cat lady” was used as in insult to define single, old “spinsters” who only had cats for companions. However, today the term has been reclaimed by a new generation of proud feline fans that are showing that cat ladies are cool, chic, and anything but reclusive. Modern cat ladies (and men) are now able to celebrate their love for their fluffy friends with a whole litter of cat-centric memorabilia to show just how pawesome their kitty pals are.

If you’re a proud cat lover or if you know someone who is, we’ve curated the purrfect list of cat-themed gifts for you to choose from. For those that want to wear their feline adoration for all to see, check out the super-cute enamel pins, a cat-shaped handbag, a customizable necklace, and a “cat lady” temporary tattoo. And for those who love nothing more than cozy nights in with their kitty companion, there’s cat-themed mugs, headphones, candles—and if you’re feeling crafty—a DIY embroidery kit.

Know an avid feline fan? Check out our selection of purrfect gifts for cat lovers.


Cat Coffee and Tea Mug Gift Set

Gifts for Cat Lovers

ilyever | $14.99


“Cat Nap” Pillowcase Set

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Xenotees | $35.95+


Embroidery Kit


Cat-Shaped Handbag

Gifts for Cat Lovers

QZUnique | $40.49


Mystical Sphynx Enamel Pins


Melting Cat Candle

Gifts for Cat Lovers

PyroPet | $34


Temporary Tattoos


“Duster” Carry-All Pouch


Wooden Cat Pile Game

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Comma | $36


Cat Journal

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Compoco | $17.10


Customizable Rose Gold Cat Necklace

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Popsicledrum | $33.30+


Cat Planter

Gifts for Cat Lovers

cosyspot | $15.95+


Cat Pencil Set


Rose Gold Cat Ear Headphones


“Cat Mom” Art Print

Gifts for Cat Lovers

aljahorvat | $24.99


Laptop Sticker

Gifts for Cat Lovers

EnvyArt | $3


“Cat Lady” Temporary Tattoo


Wine Stoppper


Enamel Pins


Cat Earrings

Gifts for Cat Lovers

catmadecom | $24.99+


“Hot Yoga for Cats” Illustrated Tea Towel


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