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20 Creative Gifts for Writers That Are Way Better Than an Ordinary Notebook and Pen

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Want to wish the writer in your life a happy holiday? Fortunately, you don’t have to have a way with words to let them know you’re thinking about them—especially when you have a list of writing-inspired gifts at your fingertips.

These thematic presents are perfect for writers from all walks of life. Some are functional, including a sleek desk organizer and magnetic notebook. Others are fashionable, like the quill pen pin and grammar-inspired jewelry. And some—like the monogram journals and book bags—are set somewhere between the two, allowing writers to incorporate their creative side into their daily lives.

Finally, we’ve found a way to leave wordsmiths speechless!

“Wow” your favorite wordsmith with these gifts for writers.


Quotation Mark Stud Earrings


Write and Edit Pencils


Typewriter Key Necklace

Typewriter Necklace

EvaGiftedHands | $31.04+


Ampersand Pillow

Gifts for People Who Love to Write

MimiandTone | $28.94


Fountain Pen Earrings


Book Bags


Desk Organizer


“Mightier Than the Sword” Pin

Gifts for People Who Love to Write

RockCakes | $10.12


Shakespearian Insults Mug


Magnetic Notebook

Best Gifts for Writers Writing Gifts

Charles Good-Man | $8.95-$30


Finish This Book

Best Books for Writers

Keri Smith | $13.40


Pencil Socks


The Storymatic Game


Quill Pen Pin


Monogram Journals


Magnetic Scrabble Tiles

Writing Gifts

VIFO | $23.15


Pin for Procrastinators


Typewriter Poster

Gifts for Writers

FoxAndVelvet | $22.88+


Author Mugs


The New Yorker Caption Contest Game


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