20 Dazzling Jewelry Stores on Etsy That Specialize in Beautiful Handmade Designs

Handmade Jewelry Etsy Shops

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A piece of jewelry is always a thoughtful gift idea, but there’s something extra special about giving someone a trinket that’s been lovingly handmade. Etsy is home to countless independent designer stores that are bursting with beautiful, handmade gems that are sure to dazzle your special giftee. Not only will your loved one receive a wearable work of art, but you, as a consumer, can take pride in knowing you’ve supported small businesses.

In this list, we’ve included some of the most creative handmade pieces of jewelry that have been meticulously hand-crafted by artists around the world. From sculpted polymer clay earrings to embroidered necklaces, more and more craftspeople are pushing the boundaries of jewelry design by opting to create accessories from unusual materials. We’ve even included pieces made from nature itself, such as a pendant made from resin and real beach sand.

Scroll down to check out 20 Etsy stores that sell beautiful handmade jewelry.

Here are 20 Etsy stores that sell one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry.

Handmade Beach Sand and Blue Resin Necklace by BoldB

BoldB Handmade Jewelry Store on Etsy

BoldB | $39

Find more from the BoldB Etsy store here.


Lapis Lazuli Bracelet by MUMMUjewelry

Find more from the MUMMU Jewelry Etsy store here.


Green and White Handmade Clay Earrings by Clay & Co

Find more from the Clay & Co Etsy store here.


Turquoise Sterling Silver Drop Earrings by LaJeanneDesign

Find more from LaJeanne Design's Etsy store here.


Hand Embroidered Statement Necklace by Thursday Craft Love

Find more from the Thursday Craft Love Etsy store here.


Vintage Daisy Bracelet by Modern Flower Child

Find more from the Modern Flower Child Etsy store here.


August Gemstone Necklace by Admirable Jewels

Find more from the Admirable Jewels Etsy store here.


Handcrafted Name Necklace by Meira Gold Jewelry

Find more from the Meira Gold Jewelry x store here.


Resin Forest Ring by SOGDbrand

forest resin ring

SOGDbrand | $62

Find more from the SOGDbrand Etsy store here.


Emerald Opal Gold Necklace by Belnord Jewelry

Find more from the Belnord Jewelry Etsy store here.


Concrete Diamond Necklace by You Concrete Me

concrete diamond necklace

YouConcreteMe | $26.93

Find more from the You Concrete Me Etsy store here.


Gold Hammered Dangle Earrings by The Artful Twig

Find more from The Artful Twig Etsy store here.


Artisans Abstract Face Gold-Plated Earrings by Florees Jewellery

Find more from the Florees Jewellery store here.


Polymer Clay Earrings in Terrazzo Design by Joan and Lily

polymer clay earrings

JoanandLily | $19.24

Find more from the Joan and Lily Etsy store here.


Pomegranate Design Earrings by Yoruk Collection

Find more from Yoruk Collection Etsy store here.


Frida Kahlo Earrings by iamsonotcool

Find more from the iamsonotcool Etsy store here.


Dainty Semi-Precious Stone Necklace by Atelier Medusa

Opal Necklace

AtelierMedusa | $39.55+

Find more from the Atelier Medusa Etsy store here.


Pressed Flower Necklace by MayaJambalaya

Flower Pendant

MayaJambalaya | $25.25

Find more from the MayaJambalaya Etsy store here.


Gold Snake Necklace with Beads by Foxy Style Jewelry

Find more from the Foxy Style Jewelry Etsy store here.


Rose Gold Plated Pearl Bangle by MadamLili

rose gold plated pearl bangle

MadamLili | $17.47

Find more from the MadamLili Etsy store here.


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