April 10, 2024

Former Science Teacher Hosts Eclipse Party He Promised to His Students 46 Years Ago

Eclipses can be predicted centuries in advance. That's why many people had been looking forward to the latest total solar eclipse their whole lives. This was the case for Patrick Moriarty, a retired science teacher from upstate New York. In 1978, he told his students to save the April 8, 2024 date, as he would throw a party for when the solar eclipse took place there.

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April 7, 2024

Korean Food Blogger Sarah Ahn Shares Impact of Not Speaking Her Parents’ Language Fluently

According to Pew Research Center, only four out of 10 second-generation Asian Americans say they can speak their parents’ native tongue at least pretty well. For food blogger Sarah Ahn, whose mother and father are Korean, not speaking her parents' language fluently has been a source of insecurity. Devoted to documenting her mom's recipes, Ahn has also chronicled her struggles and her use of “Konglish” (Korean and English) to speak to her mother.

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