Man Who Mows Lawns for Free Raises Over $188K for Cat Shelter That Helped Him


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A man named Spencer began mowing lawns when he was just 11 years old, using his father's push mower to earn some money. That bloomed into a successful landscaping business—SB Mowing—by the time he graduated high school, and now he has a thriving social media presence. His YouTube channel features videos of him mowing deserted or overgrown homes for free and during one such adventure, something unexpected happened.

While working on a property in Texas that was up for auction after a foreclosure, Spencer found a cat lying in the yard. Appearing to have a wound, the injured animal wasn't scared off by the loud noises of the leaf blower, and even let Spencer pet and hold him. After making several calls, Spencer finally found someone willing to help and took the wounded kitty to Edgar and Ivy's Cat Sanctuary, which specializes in caring for injured and abandoned cats.

The feline had gotten into a catfight, and its injuries had become infected. Luckily, the sanctuary treated the cat and nursed him back to health. Spencer was so moved by their willingness to help and passion for what they do that he encouraged his followers to donate to a GoFundMe. When he first started the fundraiser, he set a goal of $10,000, having no idea that the sanctuary was actually on the verge of closing due to a lack of funds.

After sharing the link with his millions of followers, the $10,000 goal was met nearly instantly. In fact, as of writing, the fundraiser stands at over $190,000. This ensures that the sanctuary will have more than enough funds to purchase much-needed supplies and continue helping cats in the Corpus Christi area by expanding its facilities.

As for the cat Spencer found? The sanctuary named him SB, in honor of the mowing company. And, since he'd shown such an interest in caring for kittens, the shelter decided to keep him.

Spencer of SB Mowing has a huge online following that watches him mow overgrown and abandoned lots for free.


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A post shared by SB Mowing (@sbmowing)

Recently, he encountered a stray, injured cat while mowing a foreclosure in Corpus Christi, Texas.

He then started a fundraiser for the only cat sanctuary that would accept the kitty he found.

Little did he know that the shelter was on the verge of closure and that the generous donations of his fans would allow them to keep their doors open.

SB Mowing: Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube

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