Paper Art

February 15, 2021

This Artist Has Created a Paper Menagerie of Delicate Animal Portraits for Almost 40 Years

Artist Calvin Nicholls manipulates ordinary sheets of paper into incredible relief sculptures using standard carving tools. He finds inspiration for his paper art in the diversity of wildlife and uses his honed skills to replicate feathers, fur, and fins with masterful precision. “They all present their unique challenges and rewards while showcasing the possibilities of paper as a medium,” Nicholls tells My Modern Met.

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January 9, 2021

Enchanting Hand-Crafted Paper Scenes Come To Life in Illuminated Light Boxes

Paper is one of the most common materials we have, but in the hands of a talented artist, it can be transformed into something extraordinary. French artist Aline Maire (of Abracadabox Light) uses paper to craft light boxes that house miniature fairytale scenes. Each piece not only showcases her skill but her boundless imagination. Every intricate 3D composition comprises layers of meticulously hand-cut paper silhouettes.

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August 6, 2018

Learn How Paper Quilling Started Centuries Ago and Why It’s So Popular Today

Arts and crafts have a way of reinventing themselves. Just like trends, the popularity of creative activities is cyclical. Take embroidery, for instance; it was just within the last five years or so that it has exploded in prevalence—thanks, in large part, to talented makers that inspire people on social media. Paper quilling has had a similar rise to prominence.

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