Portrait Photography

November 8, 2023

Australian Firefighters Calendar Is Back With More Shirtless Heroes and Adorable Animals

A new year means a new calendar. While there are many creative options out there, one of the most iconic is the Australian Firefighters Calendar. Since 1993, it has produced wildly popular photos of handsome men to help raise money for Australian charities. For 2024, it presents six editions for fans to choose from, including several in which the dashing heroes pose alongside adorable animal co-stars.

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September 1, 2023

Powerful Photograph Series Doesn’t Force Young Girls To Smile for Their Portrait

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, photographer Brooke Light is a seasoned product and portrait photographer. And while she works with all types of clients, it's her striking photos of young girls that really stand out. These black and white photographs aren't like many children's portraits you'll see. Light's images are pared back, with the kids posed in an environment without props and with minimal distractions.

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June 7, 2023

Funny Portraits of Pets With Disgusted Expressions Beg the Question, “Who Cut the Cheese?”

Photographer Belinda Richards captures the unique personalities of cats and dogs through her soulful—and often funny—pet portrait photography. One of her latest series highlights the inherent humor of animals and her expertise in showcasing their personalities on camera. The collection of images titled Who Cut the Cheese? (it means exactly what you think) features 19 dogs and one “guilty-looking cat.

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April 28, 2023

How a Photographer Captured Intimate Celebrity Portraits at 2023 BAFTA Awards [Interview]

There are few things more exciting in the entertainment industry than awards season. The spirit of the accolades—along with the anticipation of who will win—are reasons to look forward to them each new year. Photography offers us a valuable way to encapsulate their energy and emotion, and a skilled photographer snaps portraits that evoke these qualities while chronicling them for posterity.

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