Apple Says You Should Stop Putting Your Wet Phone in Rice

Phone In Rice

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For as long as cell phones have existed, humans have also had a way to dry them out in case they get wet. The advice is simple but effective: place your phone in uncooked rice, and the grain will have absorbed any moisture within a few days. However, tech giant Apple recently stated that this technique might do more harm than good.

In a support document, Apple asserts that placing your phone in rice “could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone.” Other popular hacks, such as drying out the connector with a paper towel or running a hairdryer over your phone, are also strongly discouraged. Instead, Apple suggests tapping your phone against a flat surface to remove excess liquid and then leaving your device in a dry area with some airflow. If you see a liquid-detection alert after 30 minutes, there is still some liquid in the connector and/or the pins of the cable, and you should put your phone back in the previous position since it could take up to 24 hours to dry.

Even though this advice is specifically targeted for iPhone owners, Android users would also benefit from the suggestion, as their phones aren't immune to rice particle infiltration either. Regardless of brand, it is important to remember that time is of the essence if your phone gets wet, so acting quickly is key.

You've probably heard that if you get your phone wet, you should put it in uncooked rice to dry.

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However, according to a recent document by Apple, putting your phone in rice could cause rice particles to get inside your phone, leading to further damage.

Phone In Rice

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Instead, the company suggests you tap out any moisture and then lay your phone down on a dry surface with airflow until the charger port has dried out.

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