Experienced Tech Reviewer Shows What It’s Like to Actually Use the New Apple Vision Pro

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The new Apple Vision Pro has been regarded as Apple's first major product release in nearly a decade. This augmented reality headset, which the company is calling a “spatial computer,” represents a big breakthrough. But given its developmental stages and hefty price tag, only a handful of people have been able to truly test it before its February release. That inspired revered tech reviewer Marques Brownlee to show what it's really like to use an Apple Vision Pro in a revealing video.

Brownlee walks users through the most significant aspects of the Apple Vision Pro and what makes it different from other VR headsets. Hardware wise, it is heavy. But once it's up and running, one can almost forget they are wearing a headset due to the passthrough mode of Apple's Vision OS. That is, the cameras create a pristine, real-time depiction of the environment around you, with the apps launched as kind of a floating unmovable wall in front of you.

That's why, to Brownlee, one of the most commendable aspects of the Apple Vision Pro is the environment. On top of the passthrough mode, the Apple Vision Pro offers some immersive environments—like the surface of the Moon and some national parks. Additionally, the headset can be linked to a Mac computer, with the screen popping up within the headset for additional privacy, as the computer screen goes dark. However, he laments that it can only be done with a single monitor setup.

One of the aspects that amazed Brownlee was the Persona feature—a digital avatar that, once the device has scanned your features, can reproduce your gestures in real time. Though not perfect, given the uncanny valley quality of them, it's still an impressive detail. These personas can also be used on video calls, relaying your expressions like a camera would. And the spatial audio is so thoroughly cared for that the user will hear the audio coming from whatever side of their field of vision they've placed the tab.

But the most important piece of knowledge Browlee has for future Apple Vision Pro owners is in the way we all look. Since the device is routinely scanning your eyes, the reviewer shares that he has had to train his mind to look straight and determinedly into the things he wishes to manipulate, otherwise the system may not recognize the action you're trying to perform.

Brownlee has stated that this is more of a walkthrough rather than a general review, which he will release soon. The YouTuber has also shared an unboxing of this headset, which has a starting price of $3,500. You can watch both videos below.

Revered tech reviewer Marques Brownlee shows what it's really like to use an Apple Vision Pro.

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