October 23, 2017

‘Adobe Cloak’ Makes It Easy to Eliminate Unwanted Elements from Videos

At the 2017 Adobe MAX—Adobe's creativity conference—the software firm gave a sneak preview of new technology they are currently working on incorporating into their products. Nothing got filmmakers more excited than Cloak, a feature that allows you to erase unwanted elements in video footage. Essentially, it's Photoshop Content-Aware Fill for video. Forgot to remove a tripod out of the frame or annoyed by a stain on an actor's shirt?

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October 11, 2017

Innovative Floating Tent Makes the World Your Waterbed to Sleep Under the Stars

You can’t walk on water, but you can now sleep on it thanks to the Shoal Tent from Smithfly. The first of its kind, this floating raft is equipped with a tent topper that allows you to stay dry while you sleep under the stars. “The world is your waterbed,” the company writes, and they encourage you to set up camp on the likes of a tranquil farm pond or gentle spring creek.

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October 4, 2017

Computer Generated Lines Gracefully Map the Delicate Movements of a Ballet Dancer

This beautiful short film, titled Ballet Rotoscope and created by Tokyo-based design group EUPHRATES, illustrates the delicate movements of a ballet dancer. As the ballerina moves, different points on her body are traced by a computer-generated technique called rotoscoping, to reveal the geometric beauty of dance. Rotoscoping is a method that is often used for visual effects in live-action movies.

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August 18, 2017

Tree-Planting Drones Are Helping Replant Our Forests by Seeding 100,000 Plants a Day

If you thought drones were just for taking pictures, think again. A U.K. startup is hoping to kick start efforts against deforestation by leveraging drone technology. BioCarbon Engineering, whose CEO Lauren Fletcher spent 20 years as a NASA engineer, is pledging to plant 1 billion trees using industrial technology. After a long development and planning phase, their initial efforts will start in September, when they team with non-profit Worldwide International Foundation.

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