January 14, 2023

Energy Converter Harnesses the Power of Waves To Turn Heaving Currents Into Electricity

Harnessing ocean waves can help mankind power a sustainable future. Floating turbines bob up and down while turning the motion of water currents into electrical energy. Oscilla Power, one of the companies to pioneer wave energy converters (WEC), has recently launched their Triton-C WEC in Hawaiian waters. After a long period of development, the new device will now be tested for its power output while facing the rough elements of the open ocean.

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December 27, 2022

‘Smart Bandage’ Designed To Help Heal Wounds Faster

Waiting for a wound to heal can feel like forever. And as you wait, cuts and scrapes are vulnerable to infection, which can delay the healing process. However, soon there may be a solution that can help speed things up. Researchers at Stanford University debuted a “smart bandage” that not only helps treat wounds but also monitors their healing status.

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December 19, 2022

Man Fakes His Entire Life for a Month With Convincing AI-Generated Photos

Can you use artificial intelligence (AI) to fake a life? In the case of Kyle Vorbach, you can. The writer and director used Stable Diffusion AI image generator to create realistic photos of events that never happened. He did this for a whole month, generating believable but totally fake images—much to the shock of his friends and family. Vorbach produced a video detailing his foray into constructing his AI-generated life.

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