Watercolor Painting

June 3, 2024

Artist Chronicles Adventures With Colorful and Dynamic Urban Sketches That Will Give You Wanderlust

While most of us document our travels with a camera, there's a subset of talented creatives who use their drawing skills to capture the essence of a place. An artist known as jejenamoo is the perfect example of this. She turns to her pen and her watercolor set to immortalize the sights she encounters both around and away from her home in South Korea.

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October 19, 2023

36 Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginning Artists and Seasoned Professionals

Watercolor painting is one of the easiest creative activities to pick up. There are only a few supplies that you need—a set of paints, paintbrushes, paper, and water—and there are just a handful of essential techniques to know before you put pigment to paper. This brilliant simplicity means that it’s a breeze to start and finish a watercolor painting in the same day. So, what are you going to paint?

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November 29, 2022

Artist Transforms Her Watercolor Paintings Into Moving Works of Art

From gleaming skyscrapers to rows of townhouses, each city has its own unique identity and painter Maja Wrońska captures them in all their glory. After training as an architect, the Polish artist captured some of the historic cities of Europe in vibrant watercolor paintings. Recently, she's been exploring a whole new way of bringing the energy of urban places to life—through animation. These short gifs transform Wrońska's watercolor paintings into moving works of art.

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April 20, 2022

Beautiful Flowers Bloom in Anti-War Watercolor Paintings

In a world that is increasingly modern and industrial, artists often use natural motifs as symbols for healing. One artist uses his love of flower imagery to convey anti-war sentiment in a new series of watercolor paintings. Japan-based illustrator Hiroki Takeda adds colorful blooms to poignant images of war to spread a message of peace.

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