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Fitness GIF Demonstrates 48 Exercises Perfect for New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of a new year provides a natural time for reflection and goal setting. One of your 2016 resolutions might be to live a healthier lifestyle and have a regular exercise routine. If that’s the case, then motion graphics studio ccccccc has the perfect way to get you moving. They recently created an engaging animation for 7dailymoves, a personal trainer app, which demonstrates 48 different exercises.

The GIF features activities that you can complete with or without gym equipment, and they all work different parts of your body. Some concentrate on your abs while others strengthen your arms and legs. A kettle bell and free weights are required for several of these exercises, but a few have you laying on the floor. The same adorable figure, clad in a funky headband and striped socks, leads the charge for a healthier you.

As 2016 rolls on, keep this GIF handy for fitness inspiration. If you’re looking for more detailed direction, follow this gym guide on the 7dailymoves app.

And if you zoom in a little closer…

ccccccc: Website | Dribble | Instagram
via [Visual News]

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