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Ceramicist Carves Into Pottery to Reveal Unexpected Layers of Color Underneath

Artist Sean Forest Roberts brings an experimental attitude to his ceramic practice. Working under the name Forest Ceramic Company, the Washington-based creative uses his background in chemistry and four years in science labs to explore new ways to develop surface patterns and porcelain forms. His current work features marbling designs and carved ceramics—a practice that has gained him attention around the world.

Roberts regularly shares peeks into his production process. Through an ongoing series of mesmerizing videos, he offers a visually satisfying look at his carved ceramics in progress. Using metal tools in various shapes, he drags them over the surface of the gray vessels and reveals layers of unexpected color below. Roberts varies the shapes he carves; some are long, sinuous lines while others are reminiscent of polka dots. “I am deeply fascinated by the underlying randomness in the patterns and structures of nature,” he says, “and I attempt to replicate some of those effects in my work.”

To see more of Roberts ceramic carving in action, follow him on Instagram. If you’d like to own his unique pieces, many are available in his online shop.

Artist Sean Forest Roberts creates carved ceramics that reveal striking color combinations and patterns just below their surface.

Through Instagram, he shares process videos. Watching him carve these pieces are mesmerizing.

Forest Ceramic Company: Website | Instagram | Facebook
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