Adventurous Photographer Captures the Beauty of Earth’s Naturally Diverse Terrain


Photographer Chris Burkard has traveled to all ends of the Earth, seeking to explore the various terrains of this planet and experience the utmost beauty our world has to offer. While doing so, he’s always had his camera in tow to share a glimpse of his journey with the rest of the world through social media. With extraordinary images of majestic waterfalls, towering forests, and seemingly endless desert trails, it’s really no wonder that this adventurous shutterbug has amassed a following of over 2 million people on Instagram.

More than merely capturing photos of the landscapes before him, Burkard makes it his mission to present a comparative image that forces the viewer to contemplate his/her own place in the world. By placing a solitary, faceless figure in the distance, he represents humanity with nature, subconsciously encouraging people to reflect on this idea and the relation between the two.

No matter the location, Burkard makes it a point to clear each frame of distraction and promote the natural beauty of the environment. Without any words at all, he urges the viewer to cherish the world we live in and, hopefully, entices us all to do our part to preserve our Earth.

For a daily reminder of the beauty our world has to offer, Burkard has published a calendar filled with a dozen of his stunning photos. The calendar, called Wanderlust, is currently available via Amber Lotus Publishing.

chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-2chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-3chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-4chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-5chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-6chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-7chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-8chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-9chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-10chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-11chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-12chris-burkard-Wanderlust-MMM-13Chris Burkard: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Amber Lotus Publishing.

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