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Dazzling Christmas Lights On a Spinning Ceiling Fan

Yesterday, Redditor CycleNinja blew people away when he posted these images that show what happens when you attach Christmas lights to a spinning ceiling fan. Of course, these are not your traditional Christmas lights, they're battery powered LEDs that were in one of their “blinking pattern modes.”

When asked by a fellow Redditor if he could share pictures of the set-up, CycleNinja replied that he didn't have access to them, at that time. He did, however, share some useful DIY tips so that those up for the challenge could try creating these dazzling images themselves.

These are almost exactly the lights I have,” he writes. “I simply looped the strings around the brackets that hold the blades. I played around with the lengths. Make sure the loops are not hanging down too far, or they will fling out way too far and could tear the room apart. It didn't look very fancy with the room's lights on.”

Do the last few photos remind anyone else of Jen Stark's wormhole-like sculpture Piece of an Infinite Whole?

via [Reddit]

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