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Chunky the Bulldog Can Balance Entire Meals on His Chin… While He’s Asleep

Are you talented enough to balance a half dozen donuts on your chin? Probably not—but don’t feel bad. Chunky, an adorable bulldog, has all us humans beat with his penchant for precariously perching different foods on his large jowls and paws. And what’s most impressive is that he does it all while he naps.

As soon as the funny bulldog falls asleep on his back, his human begins to have some delicious fun. From tacos to potato chips to ice cream sandwiches, it seems that nothing phases Chunky; his eyes remain closed the entire time with a sleepy smile on his face.  He must be a super deep sleeper, too, because we’re pretty sure that if someone covered us with an entire pizza, it would elicit a response (and a tasty meal).

Check out some of Chunky’s edible adventures, below. And if you need proof that he stays asleep, watch the taco video. He doesn’t move!

Chunky the funny bulldog has a penchant for balancing food on his chin… while he’s asleep.

From French fries to pizza, he’s got all the junk food covered.

Chunky’s taco and Pringles videos represent some of his best work.

Chunky: Instagram
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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