Colorized and Stabilized Footage Offers a Glimpse Into the Cafés of Paris in the 1920s

Old footage is a priceless gift that allows us to travel back in time and get a glimpse of the past. The one real caveat is the grainy, low quality of these colorless images. The low level of definition can also make it harder for some people to relate to the subjects of the film. Building a sturdier bridge between past and present, YouTube channel NASS restores vintage videos with the help of contemporary software. By stabilizing the footage, correcting the speed, and adding color, the images feel closer to the present than they ever did.

In one of the most striking videos NASS has restored, we're given a tour of 1920s Paris. The cameraman shows us landmarks such as Notre-Dame and the Palais Garnier. However, the real allure of the footage lies in the Parisians of old themselves, getting around their city spending their days at cafés. While buildings and customs may persist, the fashion and demeanor have long changed since then. This is noticeable from the fact that many of them seem surprised by the camera and can't help but stare at it.

Once we look beyond the intricate fashion and the vintage cars, we see people just like us—chatting with friends or kissing a lover's cheek. And thanks to NASS' impeccable restoration job, viewers really feel like time travelers who have stepped into a historical record of life from 100 years ago. Though the colors may not be wholly accurate, NASS has done a well enough job to bring the subjects to life. Overall, it's the motion and stabilization that does the trick, allowing us to see, if only for a moment, what life really looked like back then.

To see even more restored old videos, make sure to check out NASS' YouTube channel.

By stabilizing the footage, correcting the speed, and adding color, NASS has made this video of Paris in the 1920s feel closer and more relatable to the present.

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Regina Sienra

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