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10 Mason Jar Craft Ideas Perfect for Creative Home Decor and DIY Gift Giving

Mason Ball Jar Uses and Crafts

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The mason jar is a hallmark of farmhouse chic decor, and the possibilities are endless for crafting with this simple vessel. Whether your taste trends are modern or vintage, the mason jar is a blank slate.

Patented in the mid-19th century by John Landis Mason, the design of the jars became popular for canning due to its two-part lid which provided the perfect seal. In the late 19th century, the Ball brothers began mass-producing mason jars. Today, their designs remain popular among canning enthusiasts. Vintage Ball jars can be found in antique stores and have become increasingly popular collectibles in recent years.

Curious about what to do with mason jars in your cabinets? Looking for a vintage-inspired, affordable decoration? The mason jar might be the answer. Get started with these ten DIY uses for the famous vessel. You can find fresh new mason jars at your local grocery store or online.

Have some artsy fun with the everyday glass jar when you try these 10 mason jar crafts.


Snow Globes

Mason Jar Snow Globe

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Snow globes are not just for the holiday season. Make a creative table topper with or without liquid. For a waterless vintage cloche, follow these instructions from Sadie Seasongoods. For a shakeable glitter experience, follow along with the video from Shutterfly to make this silver creation. You can even add photos for a personal touch.




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Start saving for your dream vacation today. For a cute savings opportunity, try this map-inspired bank made from a mason jar. The map of your ideal destination will help keep you focused on your goal. Place a motivational tag to remind yourself of the amount you need and watch the bills accumulate. Follow these instructions from Pillar Box Blue to get started. These pre-made piggybank jar lids can add an extra flair.


Tinted Vases

Tinted Mason Ball Jars

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Vintage mason jars come in clear and blue with some rare colors occasionally appearing. But you don't have to wait for the perfect thrift find; you can make tinted, colorful glass jars with Mod Podge and food coloring. The result is a sea glass effect with a subtle wash of color. Liz Stanley from MomTastic walks you through this easy craft. The tinted jars are not food and drink safe, but they make lovely decorative touches.


Cupcake Carrier

Cupcakes make perfect surprises. What better way to transport, protect, and display your culinary creation than inside a small upside-down mason jar? Simply screw the top onto the flipped jar, being careful not to drop your cupcake. Twine, gift tags, ribbons, or bows can make the present even more festive.



Mason Jar Terrarium Plants

Photo: Stock Photos from HANNAHROSALIEPHOTOGRAPHY/Shutterstock

Glass terrariums were developed in the 19th century to create aesthetic, miniature greenhouses. When properly done, the petite environment forms its own self-contained water cycle. You will need pebbles, plants, and soil. Check out our how-to guide on terrariums to get you started. Your local garden store should also be able to offer advice on growing your little garden.


Candle Holders

Mason Jar Candles

Photo: Stock Photos from OLLLLLGA/Shutterstock

Mason jars are ideal candle holders. Nestle a small pillar candle into a base of pebbles or plop a tea light into sand from the beach. Glass pebbles are a pretty touch. Nonflammable accents, such as seashells or marbles will make your candle holder unique. Painting the outside of the jar—including a creative unpainted opening—is another way to make a lantern.


Matte Vases

Buy some matte black spray paint and coat your mason jars. Using stamps or stencils in white paint, decorate the jars for a farmhouse chic aesthetic. For a distressed look, follow along with the tips in this video by Creative Living with Jen. Whether for flowers or pencils, these up-cycled jars are sure to catch the eye.


Bathroom Sets

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Photo: Stock Photos from AKHMAD DODY FIRMANSYAH/Shutterstock

Liven up your bathroom and recycle at the same time. Using paint and some creative techniques, you can make a whole suite of bathroom storage containers out of different sized mason jars. For a clever tissue container, try this simple trick. Keep in mind that painted mason jars are not food or drink safe.


Ready-to-Make Cookies

Mason Jar Cookie Sets

Photo: Stock Photos from KEITH SCHMIDT/Shutterstock

A mason jar makes a perfect gift when filled with the ingredients to make cookies. Preparing it is easy. First, wash and dry a mason jar. Then portion the dry ingredients for a simple baking project such as chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles. Layer these ingredients into the jar and then cap with a lid. It's helpful to attach a cute paper tag with the recipe—including the wet ingredients and baking time—so that the recipient knows how to finish the batch.


Relaxing Galaxy Jar

These galaxy glitter jars are cute and calming. While Fireflies and Mud Pies calls them an ideal craft to do with your kids, they would look just as pretty on an adult's bookshelf or bedside table.


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