Former Painter Captures Stunning Photos of Magical Landscapes Around the World

Surreal Landscape Photography

Turkish photographer Cuma Cevik organizes adventurous trips to a wide range of countries after being inspired to shoot incredible landscape photography around the world. Bringing along curious travelers, they set out on photo safaris to capture the magical landscapes of each setting. Interestingly, it was an early love of fine art that brought Cevik toward his current profession.

Initially interested in oil painting, he instead studied to become a social studies teacher when the art academy proved too costly. It was during university that he took up photography as a creative outlet. Upon graduation, he began traveling the world to shoot stunning outdoor photography. He was initially drawn to landscape photography thanks to the rich nature he was surrounded by in the Turkish city of Bolu, and the pull toward landscape photography has only grown stronger as he has continued to voyage around the world.

Pulling out the vibrant verdant greens of hills and valleys, his landscapes appear to be straight from a dream. Whether positioning the sun perfectly to capture the dust kicked up by wild horses or framing wildflowers to provide a pop of color, the self-taught photographer has clearly used his love of the arts to help compose dramatic and reflective scenes.

Now, he organizes trips around the world where small groups of photo enthusiasts will have the opportunity to shoot imagery in spectacular settings. Jordan, the Faroe Islands, Vietnam, and Italy are just some of the trips Cevik is organizing for 2018.

Cevik Cuma transitioned into landscape photography after an early love of oil painting.

wild horses photograph

Outdoor Photography by Cuma Cevik outdoor photography by Cuma Cevik Cuma Cevik landscape photographer Cuma Cevik landscape photographer

Now, the Turkish photographer organizes photo safaris to locations around the world for small groups of photography enthusiasts.

photograph of wild horses Landscape Photography by Cuma Cevik Landscape Photography by Cuma Cevik outdoor photography by Cuma Cevik Cuma Cevik landscape photographer Landscape Photography by Cuma Cevik Cuma Cevik landscape photographer outdoor photography by Cuma Cevik

Cuma Cevik: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Cuma Cevik.

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