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Reconfigured Sporting Equipment

Guatemala-based artist Dario Escobar redesigns the structure of sporting goods. A trained architect, Escobar reconstructs athletic gear, slicing the equipment and assembling them in an atypical fashion. Initially, the pieces seemed to shine a light on the importance of design and our innate recognition of consumer goods. Despite disfigurement, we can identify what item Escobar has reworked.

Delving in deeper, I realize that many of these sculptural installations rendered the original products useless. The artist's interesting and unusual design practices redefine the purpose and often challenge the functionality of these items. Growing up in Guatemala, Escobar was surrounded by a clear class divide where the wealthy were members of fitness centers and recreational clubs. These series of works seem to reflect his response to elite activities driven by consumerism.

Dario Escobar website
via [CollabCubed]

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