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21 Before and After Photos of Adorable Puppies Who Become Beloved Dogs

Many dog owners have captured the incredible transformation that occurs when a playful puppy turns into a loyal adult dog. They start out as small figures with adorable young faces and gradually become older in body, mind, and spirit. Physically, their bodies undergo a drastic change, but viewers can see that these beautiful animals retain their distinct personalities as they age. This can be seen in their familiar poses and by noticing an unchanging gleam in their eyes. Ultimately, these photos are a reminder that we should treasure each and every moment with our pets. After all, they truly are our furry friends.

Above: 5-month difference. (Photo source: Mark3Viper)

1-year difference. (Photo source: MileHighTide)

6-month difference. (Photo source: onthejobfinds)

7-month difference. (Photo source: Jennifer610)

5-month difference. (Photo source: SupaHotSwanson)

9-month difference. (Photo source: Dakota2145)

1-month difference. (Photo source: jdr1813)

1-year difference. (Photo source: Rickyc92)

3-month difference. (Photo source: DisgruntledPlebian)

15-month difference. (Photo source: orangefever)

4-month difference. (Photo source: CaityyRae)

1-year difference. (Photo source: rickylgnds)

6-month difference. (Photo source: mhh484)

(Photo source: beepbeepimajeepLLC)

10-month difference. (Photo source: gooser24)

3-month difference. (Photo source: GoAwyB8N)

2-month difference. (Photo source: elgaar)

(Photo source: Cobalt32)

4-month difference. (Photo source: CSPattersonDC)

5-month difference. (Photo source: phantombree)

9-month difference. (Photo source: twoandtwoequals5)

via [The Dodo]

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