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New Fabulous Fashion Illustrations Seamlessly Blend Real-Life Objects to Mimic Graceful Movement

It takes serious out-of-the-box thinking to take common household foods, such as string beans and Oreos, from the cupboard to the canvas. Luckily, the creative eye of illustrator Edgar Artis sees the world differently. The artist, whose work first caught our attention earlier this year, has continued to expand his sketch collection of unconventional evening gowns. Using real-life objects as dress material—including gummy bears, seashells, kiwis, and cotton balls—he creates surprising object transformations that seamlessly blend with fashion illustrations into playful three-dimensional visions that would make any fashion lover envious.

The female models Artis draws are graceful and fierce—often striking powerful balletic poses. Because Artis works with foods, flowers, and other materials that can crumble and taper, his illustrations feel alive and full of motion. It's as if the wind just fluttered through the model's gown, adding to the dynamic dimension of the work. No matter what material he uses, Artis lets the objects speak for themselves. For classic to-the-floor ballgowns, Artis chooses straight-lined flowers that mimic a delicately curved shape. Dresses with fuller skirts are plumped with bunches of grapes or a chaotic trail of peanut shells. Whatever the dress style, Artis has fun playing with food, flowers, and more, and shows that any object has the potential to be fashionable.

Edgar Artis: Instagram | Facebook

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