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Beautifully-Animated Infographics Designed by Eleanor Lutz

Eleanor Lutz is a designer whose knowledge of molecular biology and love of science is translated into beautifully-designed infographics. Her colorful and educational images contain interesting bits of information about how the human body works and birds fly, but with a novel twist – they’re animated GIFs.

Lutz’s addition of movement makes these images more engaging, and we get a better sense of how things actually work. In her newest design titled How to Build a Human, she demonstrates how a baby is formed via a spiraling chart that travels from conception to birth. We’re able follow along and see just how these changes develop over the course of 40 weeks. It’s a fantastic aspect that you’d lose with a static image.

Considering how detailed these animations are, it’s no surprise that they require a lot of work. Lutz writes that How to Build a Human was her most complicated piece to date, and it was made using 44 animations that are nine frames each. That’s 396 sketches total!

Above: View the larger version

View the larger version

View the larger version

View the larger version

View the larger version

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