Ingenious ‘Electric Paint’ Let’s You Paint Wires That Can Conduct Electricity


Electric Paint by Bare Conductive

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Interested in electronics and circuitry or looking for a creative way to make your fashions glow? You might want to scoop up some Electric Paint from Bare Conductive. The London-based startup has innovated this ingenious paint, which actually conducts electricity. That means you can paint circuits on virtually any material, from wood and paper to fabric and glass.

The viscous black paint dries in just 10 to 15 minutes and can even be used to solder together small electrical parts, making it an interesting choice if you need to do a quick computer or appliance repair. Non-toxic, solvent free, and water soluble it can also be used for a new twist to STEM classroom learning. Bare Conductive also mentions screenprints, e-textiles (as long as you don't wash it), and liquid switches as out of the box ways to use the paint creatively.

And, the good news is that Electric Paint still works when covered with other materials. So, even though it only comes in black, you can pop a layer of bright paint over and transform your circuit into a rainbow. The paint comes in tubes and jars, so you can select the best format for your project, and the company even sells a Touch Board that will help you transform almost any material into a sensor.

So, how does it work? Well, the painted “wires” are conductive because Electric Paint contains carbon. This magic ingredient also keeps the cost down, making it available for everyone to let their creativity run wild—whether you're an artist thinking about an interactive art installation or simply need to repair your TV's remote control.

Learn more about Electric Paint and its limitless possibilities.

Bare Conductive: Website | Facebook 
h/t: [Mashable]

All images via Bare Conductive.

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