Ethereal Underwater Photos Capture Young Woman’s Deep Connection with the Sea

For Sacha Kalis, the ocean has always been her first home. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Sacha (who playfully refers to herself as “Bahamas Girl”) learned to swim before she could even walk. Her mother, the wonderfully talented underwater art photographer Elena Kalis, encouraged Sacha's natural affinity for the world beneath the waves, letting her freely explore an amazing environment filled with tropical plant life, curious creatures, and mysterious treasures.

A muse and frequent model for her mother's fine art photos since she was a child, Sacha has the appearance of an ethereal nymph under the sea. She moves with effortless grace through the light-dappled water, her deep connection with the underwater realm is apparent from each of her mother's dreamy images. Whether the photos depict Sacha gently playing with stingrays and manatees, floating weightlessly in airy gowns, or diving to the depths of the sea like a mermaid, each exquisite shot is a reminder of the breathtaking beauty of the ocean.


Sacha Kalis's website
Bahamas Girl on Facebook
Elena Kalis's website
via [Reddit]

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