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Modern Eco-Friendly Table Doubles as a Planter

Admission into graduate school is a competitive process, and there's no doubt that applicants want to stand out from one another. Emily Wettstein did just that when she designed and built a project for her Masters in Architecture application. Planter Table is a modern piece of furniture constructed using reclaimed walnut wood that features a removable planter in the middle of the table.

Wettstein's project is eco-friendly and uses recycled and re-purposed wood for its top. The legs are made from steel, and the acrylic planter allows you to grow whatever suits your fancy. In this case, it's wheatgrass, but the great thing about this piece is you can plant something that accents your personal decor. Aside from the practical use, Wettstein also intended it to be a metaphor for the farm-to-table movement, as you can theoretically grow something to eat.

If you're wondering if Wettstein was accepted into graduate school, the answer is yes. In 2011, she entered Harvard Graduate School of Design for her Masters in Architecture and will complete the program in 2015.

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